Hair Drying Turban-AGLIQUE HELENA-satin finish

AGLIQUE's new collection bears female names. Because women are the source of life, they are beginning in themselves. In Africa they go for miles to provide water, to the east are soldiers and fight on a par with men, scientists and writers, or have taken the silent role of mothers without which none of us will be in this world. Bend in front of each of us.


I love my hair and I dry it with hair towel AGLIQUE!

Fantastic bathroom accessories, the Aglique hair towel, dries your hair, without falling off your head  the secret — it’s fastened with button. After a shower, you can do the makeup, to put a body lotion, read a book, etc. All because your both hands are free and your hair towel is stable on your head.

If you just have made your hairstyle, use the towel to protect your hair from getting wet  while taking a shower.

When cooking, protect your hair from the absorption of odors in the kitchen.

You can take the towel with you in the SPA,  to use it after swimming, on beach or any other trip.

Towels are made with attention to every detail.

Your towel comes in a beautiful box.




Composition of the product: 100% Cotton, Satin (on the top)

We recommend that you wash the product before first use.


How to put Aglique HELENA:

Bend down your head. Put the Aglique HELENA so that the knob falls to the bottom of your neck. Wrap Aglique HELENA around your wet hair and turn the towel back on the back. Fasten your Aglique HELENA with the strap that is on the narrow side of the fabric. You look amazing!


The product is packed in a beautiful design box that matches the print of the towel.


Photography: Dilyana Florentin

Model: Anastasia @ Visage

MUA: Marina Mladenova


Care instructions:

Hand wash - YES

Machine wash with similar fabrics - 30C 

Ironing - YES

Do not tumble dry


Size: length 62 cm x width 35 cm.

Weight: 0.300 g with box

Package size: 8 cm x 8 cm x 26 cm

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