Hair Drying Turban-AGLIQUE BAMBINI-Kids

We are pleased to present a series of children hair towels AGLIQUE. They are soft and comfortable, with fun designs and will be a real pleasure for your girl.  


Why hair towel AGLIQUE?

This hair towel will cover the hair along its entire length and dry it without rubbing as we do with an ordinary towel. So the hair will not be mixed and will be easy to comb and your child will not feel discomfort .  The hair towels are made of soft cotton towel. Their colors do not fade and do not place in washing. 


How to put Aglique BAMBINI:

Bend down the child's head. Place Aglique Hair Towel, so the button to be in the lower part of the neck. Wrap the towel around her wet hair and turn it back to the nape. Fasten Aglique Hair Towel with the sling which is located in the narrowest part of the fabric. Your girl looks amazing!




Photography: Diliana Florentin    


We recommend that you wash the product before first use.    


Product Composition: 70% Cotton; 30% microfibre - the top of the towel  


Size: Lon. 62 cm, shir.35 cm.  


Age + 3 


Care instructions:

Hand wash - YES

Machine wash with similar fabrics of 30C - YES

Dry cleaning - YES

Ironing - YES

Do not tumble dry