Grab, pat and be ready to chat. Your skin is left radiant and your bathroom has a brand new vibrant accesory.

We know that facial skin is the finest and requires special care to be healthy, radiant and with an even complexion. Of course, we want to make a great impression on the first date. But the most important thing in any care we take for ourselves is to improve our self-esteem.

AGLIQUE TIP: Do not use the same towel to soak up your body and face after a shower. With a large and heavier body towel, you put more pressure on the delicate area of the face, and this is not skin-friendly. Use a special small towel and do not rub, just touch the fabric to the skin and soak lightly.

Made from a soft cotton fabric, the Aglique Face Towel is a great addition to your daily beauty rituals. Wash it at least once a week to make your overall care effective.

For us, women's rituals are important, and we want you to feel nice and beautiful after a bath.

Each Aglique Face Towel comes in a designer, elegant box.

We recommend that you wash the product before first use.

Product composition: 400gsm; 70% Cotton; 30% microfiber - on the upper side of the towel

Size: 35 cm x 35 cm

Maintenance instructions:

Hand wash - YES

Machine wash with 30C - YES

Chemical - YES

Ironing - YES

Dryer - NO


The product is made in EU.

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