Terms and Conditions




1. These General Terms govern the relationships between the Dealer Aglik EOOD, UIC 203739906, with seat and management address in Sofia District (capital), Stolichna Municipality,
Village of Pancharevo 1137, Residential Area “Mountain View Village Complex”, House 52 and any Users with regard to the use of the AGLIQUE.COM Site, including in relation to any distance purchase contracts for the goods offered by the Dealer that are concluded between them.

2. The Dealer shall enable the User to purchase the goods offered by them through the Site in accordance with these General Terms. By pressing each button, image or link placed on the AGLIQUE.COM Site, the User accepts and agrees to these General Terms, and undertakes to comply with them. By using the Site, the User declares they are legally capable to bind themselves with the General Terms, and respectively be a party to a distance purchase contract for the goods offered on the Site, as well as be validly bound by the conditions specified by the Dealer for these transactions.

2. Within the meaning of the General Terms of Use for the AGLIQUE.COM Site, the terms specified in this item shall have the following meaning:

2.1. Site shall be the www.аglique.com Internet site available through the аglique.com domain, owned and administered by the Dealer Aglik EOOD, Sofia, representing a virtual platform for selling the goods offered by the Dealer by entering into distance purchase contracts with the Users through the Site.

2.2. Dealer shall be Aglik EOOD whose goods are offered for sale through the Aglique.com Site.

2.3. User shall be any legally capable person that has accepted these General Terms through a visit to the AGLIQUE.COM Site, whom the Dealer shall enable to purchase the goods offered by them through the Site, in accordance with the General Terms.

2.4. Goods or Article shall be a specific movable object (either as a single unit or in a certain amount) provided by the Dealer by occupation, which the latter shall offer to the Users for selling through the Site at a sale price and terms published therein.

2.5. Sale price shall be the final price for an article or a certain quantity of goods, including value added tax and all additional taxes and fees, except for delivery expenses and any additional fees charged by couriers, suppliers, post offices, banks, financial institutions and agents when paying for the goods, depending on the selected method of payment and delivery and in accordance with the prices for these services published on the Site.

2.6. Registration shall be the registration of the User on the Site with the purpose to create a user profile by filling in the registration form therein following the procedure set forth in Section III of the General Terms. 

2.7. Distance purchase contract shall be a contract concluded through the Site between the Dealer and User to purchase the goods specially offered by the Dealer after the User has placed an order, in accordance with the General Terms.

2.8. Order shall be a request made by a User through the Site for purchase of one or more specific goods (articles) by pushing the button “PURCHASE” and providing the information necessary according to these General Terms. 


3. The Site is an online platform through which the Dealer shall enable the Users to purchase the goods offered by them in accordance with the rules of these General Terms. 

4. The information services provided through the Site, as well as the registration, shall not be charged and shall be free for the Users. Upon concluding a distance purchase contract, the Users shall only pay the sale price for the Goods purchased by them and any additional costs related to the delivery and the selected method of payment, as specified on the Site.

5. On the Site, the Dealer shall publish the following information regarding the goods offered by them, which shall be accessible to all Users, namely:

5.1. specification of the main characteristics of the goods, description and image;

5.2. sale price, VAT inclusive, without the additional costs specified above in Item 2.5.;

5.3. information on the methods of payment and delivery of the goods;

5.4. the User’s right of withdrawal from the contract and the conditions to exercise this right, as well as the terms for return of the goods, in accordance with the applicable legislation; 

5.5. any other information required by the Dealer, in accordance with the applicable legislation. 



6.1. The Site shall enable the Users to create their own user profile free of charge, through which they shall purchase the goods offered by the Dealer. The Users willing to create their own profile can register on the Site by filling in an electronic registration form which opens after pressing the button “REGISTER”. Registration requires filling in an email address.

6.2. Each User shall be entitled to register on the Site only once.

7. After entering the above data, the User in the process of registration must enter an authorisation code and press the button “REGISTRATION REQUIRED”. 

8.1. After filling in the registration form and sending the information therein by pressing the button “REGISTRATION REQUIRED”, the Dealer shall send the User an email at the address specified by them containing a link to the page of the Site to confirm the registration and accuracy of the filled-in information. The registration shall be successfully completed after the User actives the link sent to their email.

8.2. As a result of the duly completed registration, a User profile shall be created which shall be accessed by entering the username and password specified by the User in the registration form in the field “CUSTOMER LOGIN”. 

9.1. Upon registering, the Users shall undertake to provide correct and current data, as well as, in case of any change, update the registration data in due time. If the Users provide any false, somebody else’s and/or outdated data, the Dealer shall be entitled to refuse registration or respectively terminate immediately their registration and access to the created user profile without notification. 

9.2. The Users shall be fully responsible both for protecting their access data for their user profile and for any actions performed through their personal user profile on the Site, regardless of whether performed by them or any third parties.

10. The Dealer shall not be responsible in the cases of access, including unauthorised access, by any third parties to the personal profile of the User, as well as for the actions so performed. In these cases, all distance orders and transactions performed through a user profile shall be deemed valid by the Dealer and performed by the User owning the profile which is why they shall bind the latter with the conditions of their performance/conclusion in accordance with these General Terms. 


11. To purchase the article selected by them, the User has to place an order by pressing the button “PURCHASE” and provide their first and family name, current delivery address, email address, contact phone. 

12. When performing the order, the Users shall undertake to provide correct and current data. If the Users provide any false, somebody else’s and/or outdated data, the Dealer shall be entitled to refuse to accept the order. The Users shall be completely responsible for protecting their data and its correct provision.

13. The order shall be deemed accepted if the User has entered valid and complete data regarding which the latter shall receive a confirmation email at the email address specified by them containing the goods ordered, the number of the order, the date and time of the order, as well as information about the term and method of delivery.

14. If the order has been placed by accessing the user profile of a registered User, it is not necessary to enter the data under Item 11 to place the order, since the system accepts the specified registration data. In these cases, the confirmation email shall be sent to the User at the email address provided by them during registration. 

15. If any ordered goods or some of the articles ordered are not available, the User shall be informed thereof via an email or by the phone number specified by them, enabling them to cancel the order or order a new article. 

16. The orders placed through the Site under these General Terms shall be accepted 24 hours a day.

17. The article of the accepted order shall be properly packed and sent by courier /mail to the address specified by the User after receiving confirmation by email or phone containing information about its shipping to the User. 

18.1. After the order is successfully completed in the way provided for in this Section, the User shall be entitled to cancel it without providing any reason thereof. An order may be cancelled within 2 (two) hours following its confirmation, by phone or via email to the Dealer’s email address specified on the Site. The cancellation of the order shall be deemed valid only if the User has provided the number of the order placed, as well as the phone number, the names and the email address by which they placed the order or by which they respectively registered on the Site, if the order was placed through a registered profile.

18.2. The cancellation of an order made after the term under the previous item shall have no effect. When the order is cancelled after the Dealer has taken actions for its shipping, the User has to refund the expenses incurred by the Dealer. 

18.3. If the right to cancel an order has been duly exercised when the User has already paid for the order, the amount paid by them shall be refunded by the Dealer through the payment instrument used by the User within 5 (five) days as of the cancellation date.

19. By accepting an order made by the User following the procedure set forth in this Section, the parties shall be deemed bound by a distance purchase contract under the conditions specified on the Site, with the User undertaking to pay the sale price for the goods ordered and the Dealer delivering them through the delivery method selected by the User and in accordance with these General Terms. 


20.1. The order shall be delivered only for successfully accepted orders to the exact address specified by the User, in the way selected by them, personally or to any third person specified by them, within a sufficient period according to the circumstances and with the corresponding accompanying documents certifying its transfer and acceptance by the recipient. 

20.2. The delivery may be cancelled due to an incorrect address or address specified in a way that prevents the exact address of the User from being established. 

20.3. By placing the Order, the User agrees and undertakes to pay the delivery costs for the goods ordered, in accordance with the prices published in the Delivery Section on the AGLIQUE.COM Site.

21. The User explicitly agrees that the delivery will be made within terms and time intervals complying with the terms of the respective courier company.

22. The Dealer shall not be responsible if the User cannot be found at the address specified by them within the delivery period. In this case, the conditions and means to receive goods will be specified depending on the general terms of the respective courier or mail. In these cases, the User agrees to pay any extra costs incurred due to non-receipt of the goods within the original time limit.

23. In the cases where the User has selected to pay by cash on delivery, the factual ownership over the goods shall be transferred to the User after all due amounts – sale price and extra delivery costs – have been paid. 


24. All prices specified by the Dealer on the Site are in EUR.

25. The price of the ordered goods and any additional costs for the delivery and method of payment may be paid in the following ways:

25.2. With a credit or debit card, through the PAY PAL payment system and PAYSERA payment system

26.1. For any goods ordered, the User shall pay the price specified on the Site, as of the moment the order is placed.

26.2. For each order, the User shall pay the delivery costs according to the prices specified on the Site as of the moment the order is placed, as well as any additional fees collected by the bank or the respective financial institution, in accordance with the selected payment method. 

27. The prices of the goods specified on the Site shall be subject to change by the Dealer.


28.1. The User shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract without providing any reasons thereof. Withdrawal may be made within 14 days as of the date the goods are received by the User or any third party, other than the courier, that is specified by the user, and in the cases where the User has ordered many goods in one order which are to be delivered individually – as of the date the last article is accepted. The right of withdrawal shall be valid only if exercised within the period under this item by sending an email by the User to the Dealer’s mailing address info@aglique.com specified on the Site containing an explicit and unambiguous withdrawal statement and specific information for any actions undertaken to return the goods.

28.2. In the case of withdrawal from the contract, the User shall undertake to return the goods in undamaged commercial form and with a reserved label, no later than 14 (fourteen) days as of the date on which they announced to the Dealer their decision to withdraw from the contract under Item 28.1. If the goods are not sent back to the Dealer within the period under Item 28.2, the withdrawal from the contract shall have no effect.

28.3. Upon the duly exercised right to withdraw from the contract if the User has paid for the goods, the amount paid by them shall be refunded by the Dealer through the payment instrument used by the User within 5 (five) days as of the date on which the Dealer received back the goods returned by the User. Amounts shall not be refunded to the User before the Dealer receives back the goods in the condition according to Item 28.2, as well as within the period under Item 28.2. The User has not taken any actions to return goods. 

28.4. The costs to return the goods in the case of an exercised right of withdrawal shall be entirely at the expense of the User. 

29.1. The user shall be entitled to file claims for any non-conformity of purchased goods with what has been agreed upon between the parties to the purchase contract which is expressed in factory defects, shortages, received goods of type, size, colour, etc. different from what has been ordered, including any defects and shortages resulting from improper transportation and/or packaging. 

29.2. The complaint may be filed before the Dealer within 14 days as of the receipt of goods at the specified email address info@aglique.com. Together with this, the User may return the goods within the same period. In order for the claim to be duly filed, the User must indicate the subject matter of the claim, the way they prefer the claim to be satisfied, respectively the amount claimed and a contact address, as well as all specific data and documents on which the claim is based as per its grounds and amount.

29.3. In case of a claim, the User may choose to replace the specific article for one with no defects or in another size, colour or return the goods against refund of the amount paid. 

29.4. In case of a claim excluding factory defects or damage during transportation, the goods shall be returned provided that they have a well preserved commercial look, there are no damages caused by improper use, unpacking or use, and the original packaging and label are preserved. The goods shall be returned by the means and to the address through which the User received them. 

29.5. The delivery costs for new goods following a claim, including replacement of goods, shall be at the expense of the Dealer, unless the non-conformity is due to circumstances not caused by the Dealer’s fault, including due to error of the User and/or which have been requested by the User.

29.6. In case of a claim, the costs for delivery and return of goods shall be entirely at the expense of the User, if the conditions under Item 29.4 have not been complied with. 

30.1. If the User has filed a claim in a duly manner and expressed a wish to be refunded for the amount paid, this amount shall be returned to them within 5 (five) days as of the date on which the Dealer received back the goods returned by the User in the condition under Item 29.4. 

30.2. The Dealer shall not refund amounts for goods returned by cash on delivery, as well as in the cases of damaged package integrity and/or if the conditions of Item 29.4 have not been observed upon returning the goods.


31. By filling their personal data in the registration form following the procedure in Section III or respectively by placing the order by an unregistered user following the procedure in Section IV of these General Terms, the User shall provide their explicit consent for its collection, processing and storage by the Dealer in their capacity of owner and administrator of the Site, for the purposes they are provided for, in accordance with the effective legislation.

32. By filling in the registration form or respectively for placing the order, the User shall be deemed to have given their consent to receive emails from the Dealer related to the goods offered by them through the Site at the address provided by them.

33.1 The Dealer shall collect, process and store the Users’ personal data with due care while strictly observing the effective legislation. 

33.2. The personal data stored by the Dealer shall only be used for the purposes for which it has been provided. It shall not be provided to any third parties without the Users’ consent, except for the cases when this is required under an imperative rule of the effective legislation. 

33.3. The Dealer shall not be responsible for information leakage resulting from criminal offences of any third parties. 

33.4. The data provided upon the payment for purchased goods shall be protected by the respective suppliers of payment services.


34. The Dealer shall be responsible for any flaws of the goods purchased through a distance transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and the Obligations and Contracts Act. 

35.1 When using the Site, including when purchasing through it, all Users shall undertake to observe these General Terms, the applicable national and international legislation, Internet ethics, moral rules and good morals; not to harm the good reputation of anybody else and not to call to crimes; not to infringe any property or non-property rights, including right of intellectual property, belonging to other people; not to violate the operation of the system supporting the Site; not to extract through any technical means or in a technical way any information resources or some of the information resources belonging to databases located on the Site and thus not to create their own database in an electronic or other form; not to violate the Dealer’s intellectual property rights, as well as to observe all other obligations of theirs under these General Terms.

35.2. All Users shall owe the Dealer indemnity for any violation of theirs or failure to observe the provisions of these General Terms. The Users shall undertake to indemnify and release the Dealer from responsibility in each case of claims against them, any judicial and extrajudicial third parties’ claims against them, as well as for all damages inflicted on the Dealer and expenses incurred by them (including attorneys' fees and expenses) resulting from or in relation to any violation or non-observance of the provisions of these General Terms.

36.1. Aglik EOOD is the administrator of the AGLIQUE.COM Site and as such shall be entitled to remove any User’s publication with obscene content, offensive qualifications and such publication whose content violates morality, good manners or these General Terms.

36.2. Aglik EOOD owns all rights over the Site and its content, including over the photos and descriptions of the articles. 

36.3. Aglik EOOD does not guarantee uninterrupted and fully reliable access to the Site and shall take no responsibility for any damages resulting from problems with access to the Site. The Dealer shall reserve their right to stop the Site at any time without providing reasons thereof, including, but not limited to, updates, improvements or regular checkups without being responsible for such a stop.

37. All materials and content of the Site are intended only for information purposes and do not constitute advice or a direct appeal to the Users to purchase the respective goods.


38. The Dealer shall reserve their right to collect, transfer and process information related to the use of the Site, and by accepting these General Terms and using the Site, the Users agree to the collection, transfer and processing of the information provided by them in accordance with these General Terms of Use and the effective legislation. The Users shall be entitled to delete their profiles at any time whereby they will respectively remove all their personal data from the Site. 

39. If the Users have taken advantage of the services of the Site to purchase the Goods offered, the Dealer shall reserve their right to store the data of these Users with regard to the Distance purchase contracts concluded on an alternative media. 

40. For any matters not stipulated in these General Terms, the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.

41. Any possible dispute between the Dealer and the User shall be settled through negotiations between them, in a spirit of mutual understanding and concessions. If an agreement is impossible to reach, the dispute shall be referred to the competent Bulgarian court.

42. All claims and questions of the Users to the Dealer resulting from concluded distance purchase contracts and/or use of the Site may be sent to the following address: Sofia, 87 Samokovsko Shose Str., tel. 0886164744, email address: info@aglique.com 


These General Terms of Use for the Site have been adopted by Aglik EOOD, Sofia and shall become effective for all Users of aglique.com as of the moment they are published on the Site. These general terms may be unilaterally amended and supplemented by the Dealer, in their entirety or an individual part thereof, at any time, as the change shall become effective with their publishing on the Site. For any services rendered before the changes become effective, the rules of the effective General Terms as of this moment shall apply.